About Modern Homestead Mama

Hey, hey, hey!

My name is Victoria Moore, and I’m the face behind Modern Homestead Mama, and the owner/founder of the Cultivate Curiosity Homeschool brand.

I help millennial families slow down and simplify to make time for what matters most.

Intentional living. Mindfulness. Gentle parenting. Gratitude. These might all be hot buzz words the last few years, but I believe it’s for good reason.

So many of us are lost in the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives. We feel like we’re missing something. We’re searching for joy in the small, everyday moments and coming up flat. We’re striving to appreciate that the crumbs on the floor mean our babies have full bellies. Why?

We’re not in touch with nature.

We don’t know where our food comes from.

We’re disconnected from our kids and loved ones.

(To name a few…)

Sound Familiar?

This is how Modern Homestead Mama came to be. Learn how to fit a homesteader lifestyle into your schedule on whatever scale you’re able to, by cooking from scratch, making your own household products, homeschooling, and prepping.

Don’t be afraid to reach out if you’d like to collaborate or ask any questions. You can contact me here.

Victoria Moore Modern Homestead Mama