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Animal Habitat Invitation to Play

Invite your preschooler to create and play with this animal habitat playdough tray! Using blue, green, and brown playdough, some animal figurines, and whatever you have around the house, you can create a variety of engaging habitats that your child will love.

Animal Habitat Invitation to Play | Modern Homestead Mama

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For our Animal Habitats theme, I knew I wanted to incorporate several different sensory bins for some of the various habitats, but I was also curious to see what my son would prefer to create when given the option to choose from different colors and animals.

In the end, it didn’t seem to matter which animals lived where. The polar bears visited their deer friends in the forest, and the tree frogs went to the desert for groceries! Ha!

And that’s okay! I used this activity as an opportunity to talk about where the animals lived in real life, but the line between real life and play pretend is thin at 4 years old.


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Animal Habitat Invitation to Play

Animal Habitats Preschool Unit

For this playdough tray, I added:

  • Playdough (green, brown, and blue)
  • Aquarium pebbles
  • Glass gems
  • Fake plants
  • Sensory play tweezers
  • Animal figurines
  • Rolling pin

For those interested, this is the wooden tray I bought. I recommend it all the time!

Many of the animal figurines were already floating around at our house, however, I did purchase this set of rainforest animals, and this polar bear/penguin set. The rainforest animals were a little pricier than I wanted to spend, but they came with a TON of little figurines. I’ll be able to incorporate these into play and school for years to come.

The polar bears and penguins were a little pricy as well, but they’re high quality, and a good size, too.

Animal Habitat Invitation to Play

Give the tray to your child and watch their imagination soar! You can show them how to roll out the playdough using a rolling pin, to create different terrains. Let them explore freely, but use it as a chance to discuss various animals and their habitats.

Animal Habitats Preschool Unit

Animal Habitat Invitation to Play

Animal Habitat Invitation to Play

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Animal Habitat Invitation to Play | Modern Homestead Mama

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