25 Apple Crafts & Art Projects for Preschool

Looking for apple crafts for your kids? Maybe you’re putting together an apple theme or unit study for your preschooler? Check out these apple crafts and art projects for preschool-aged children for inspiration! There are crafts with real apples, construction paper apple crafts, and more!

Apple Crafts for your Preschool Theme | Modern Homestead Mama

Feeling overwhelmed by the massive number of preschool apple crafts on Pinterest? I’ve narrowed down 25 of the best art projects for your little one to do during their apple theme!

I started making these preschool-themed reference articles when I developed my own unit studies. I wanted to create an easy way for parents to mix and match, and add their own flair to my units. This all came about because I found myself constantly meshing multiple curriculums together, including my own! 

The way you structure your unit studies is dependent upon your child’s abilities, interests, as well as the materials and ingredients you have access to. If I were to recreate my apple unit next month, it would look different than my first go-around. And that’s true in any homeschool home. That’s what makes unit-building so fun! 

If you’re here from Pinterest, welcome! Feel free to browse around. I have a ton of apple-related content for your little one.

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For tips on planning your homeschool preschool year, check out this article.

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While you’re planning your Apple theme:

What makes a craft good for preschoolers? Art projects that focus on allowing freedom of expression are often preferred. Process art as opposed to traditional “crafts,” are great for ages 2 to 4. However, crafts with an end goal are great too, as long as we don’t force it. Remember that it can also cause frustration in our little ones, who see that an outcome is possible, but not achievable with their skill set yet. Keep things fun and light.

Now, let’s take a look at 25 Apple Crafts and Art Projects for Preschool

1. Yarn Apple Craft Garland

Yarn Apple Craft Garland

2. Apple Peel-Away Art

3. Apple Print Puppets

4. Paper Plate Apple Craft (Cut, Tear, & Glue)

5. Apple Stamping Art

6. Apple Pinch Pots

Apple Pinch Pots

7. Apple Yarn Craft

8. Cupcake Liner Apple Tree

9. Craft Stick Yarn Weave Apple Craft

10. Apple Tree Bubble Wrap Craft

Apple Tree Bubble Wrap Craft

11. Froot Loop Apple Tree Art

12. Homemade Apple Birdseed Feeders

13. Apple Paper Plate Craft

Apple Paper Plate Craft

14. Rock Apple Craft

15. Popsicle Stick Apple Core

16. Apple Popsicle Stick Frame

17. Paper Bag Apple Tree Craft

Paper Bag Apple Tree Craft

18. Fizzing Apple Art

19. Tissue Paper Apple Tree Craft

20. Marble Painting Apple Craft

21. Handprint Apple Tree Craft

Handprint Apple Tree Craft

22. Stained Glass Apple Window Craft

23. “A” is for Apple Popsicle Stick Craft

24. Apple Core Paper Plate Craft

Apple Core Craft

25. Puffy Paint Caramel Apple Craft

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25 Apple Crafts & Art Projects for Preschool | Modern Homestead Mama


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