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Apple Play Dough Invitation to Play

Invite your child to play and explore materials by presenting them in an interesting and “inviting” way. This apple play dough invitation to play is a great way to engage your child in play during your apple unit theme.

Apple Play Dough Invitation to Play | Modern Homestead Mama

What is an invitation to play?

It’s exactly what it sounds like! It’s a way of presenting materials and toys to your child in a new and inviting way that draws them in and gets them excited to play. 

It’s a great way to make old “boring” toys exciting again, and a great way to reuse materials for different homeschool preschool themes.

In almost every unit study I create in my preschool program, you’ll likely find an invitation to play, and it often involves play dough. For the apple unit – what’s better than building your own apple?

Apple Invitation to Play Play Dough

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Apple Play Dough Invitation to Play

Apple Invitation to Play Play Dough

Going outside to collect the materials together adds another fun layer to the activity. Let your child dig for rocks and small twigs, and bring in “apple blossoms,” leaves, and anything else that catches their interest!

What I personally do with invitations to play, is I create the idea I have in mind and present it to my son along with all of the materials I used to make it, and I let him do whatever he wants. If he wants to attempt to make the same thing, great! If not, that’s great too! No boundaries! 

He usually ends up trying to make his own version, but an open-ended play session is just what our preschoolers need.

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Apple Play Dough Invitation to Play | Modern Homestead Mama


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