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16 Fun Apple Snacks for your Kids

Looking for a way to make your apple snacks fun and creative for your kids? These snacks go perfect with an apple-themed week of learning! 

Apple Snacks for Kids | Modern Homestead Mama

There are a ton of adorable ways to present snacks to our kids. It’s not my area of expertise. I’m just not creative in that way. For now I love recreating other people’s ideas for my kids! 

My favorite thing to do is sprinkle themed snacks into our homeschool units! These snacks were all centered around our Apple unit. That left a lot of room for creative freedom! Anything goes, as long as apples are involved!

These cute ideas were brought to you from many different bloggers. A big thank you to them for sharing these wonderful ideas! I hope you find use for them during your apple theme!

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16 Fun Apple Snacks for your Kids

It’s not always possible, but I like to try to add some sort of kitchen experience in each unit study we do, and make a fun, kid-friendly snack. For our apple theme, we made a rustic apple pie together, and we also enjoyed some apple snacks! 

1. Apple Crab Art

Kids Apple Food Art Crab

2. Peanut Butter Teeth

Peanut Butter Apple Teeth

3. Apple Turtle Art

Kids Apple Food Art Turtle

4. Here’s Another Take on Turtle Apples

Kids Apple Food Art Turtle 1

5. Apple Frog Art

Kids Apple Food Art Frog

6. Apple Shaped Rice Crispies

Kids Apple Food Art Rice Crispies

7. Graham Cracker Apple Snacks

8. Peanut Butter Apple Snail

Kids Apple Food Art Snail

9. Wormy Apple Art

Kids Apple Food Art Wormy Apples

10. Rainy Day Apple Breakfast

Kids Apple Food Art Rainy Day

11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Snacks

12. Apple “Cookies”

Kids Apple Slice Cookies

13. Peanut Butter and Apples

Apple Slices with Peanut Butter

14. Apple Monsters

Monster Apples

15. Apple Penguin Art

Kids Apple Food Art Penguin

16. Apple Race Cars

Kids Apple Food Art Race Cars

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16 Fun Apple Snacks for your Kids | Modern Homestead Mama


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