Fun & Interesting Autumn Facts for Kids

Looking for some fun facts about Autumn to share with your kids? Here are some of my favorite Fall facts for kids!

Fun & Interesting Autumn Facts for Kids | Modern Homestead Mama

As much as I love the Summer, Autumn is always welcome in my book! Not only is it blazing hot down here in Texas, Autumn is just so cozy. It’s a time for family and celebration. It brings you back down to earth after a season of Summer fun.

Depending on how you homeschool, you may or may not start up a new “year” in Autumn. No matter what, you’ll likely get the itch to do an Autumn nature study or even a full-blown unit. Here are some fun Autumn facts to show your kids this year!


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Fun & Interesting Autumn Facts for Kids

Fun Autumn Facts for Kids

1. There is less sunlight during the Fall, making the days feel shorter.

2. Monarch Butterflies from the U.S. migrate to Mexico in the Fall.

3. The trees that lose their leaves during Autumn are called “deciduous trees.”

4. Most acorns fall from oak trees during Autumn, in an effort to grow more trees for the new year by Spring.

5. Many animals are in search of food in the Fall, so they can prepare for hibernation in the Winter.

6. When leaves change colors during the Fall, they’re actually turning into their “real” colors. In the Spring and Summer, the chlorophyll changes the leaves colors to green!

7. The word, “Autumn” can be traced back to the ancient Etruscan word autu (which means passing of the year).

8. The Fall Equinox signifies the beginning of Autumn, and ends in the Winter Solstice. 

9. People who live close to the equator don’t experience Fall. The temperature remains consistently warm!

10. Fall is a big time of migration for a variety of birds!

Here is the Autumn Facts printable that comes with my Autumn Unit, if you’d like to print it to display for your kids! Enjoy!

Fun Autumn Facts Printable

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