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Busy Bee Activity Book

Your child will be a busy little bee with my activity book of 35+ hands-on activities. Get ready to create an engaging and educational environment at home. Featuring the activities my fans and my own kids love most, with a delightful balance of low-prep activities, sensory play ideas, nature crafts, and process art.

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Your child will learn…

How to make choices and be confident in their decisions, as we’re giving them safe and controlled opportunities to explore a variety of sensory mediums.

  • Age-appropriate activities that introduce a wide variety of concepts, from simple name recognition, colors, numbers, and letters, all the way to complex ideas that they will continue to learn for years to come.
  • Social-emotional skills, inclusivity, kindness, and development of a sense of self.
  • Problem-solving skills through simple exercises, and a well-balanced array of sensory play, gross motor activities, fine motor skills, and much more.

Victoria’s activity ideas never disappoint. I love that there’s variety for days when I’m busy and days when I have the time to prep. I know I can always find something that fits our schedule and needs.

Megan B
I’m Victoria

I am passionate about helping parents foster their child’s natural love for learning.

As a former preschool teacher and homeschool mom of 3, I know how important it is to be low-prep and have an easygoing approach to education in the early years.

I believe that children learn primarily through play and natural exploration, and should be supported as they navigate interests at their own pace. My activity books and curriculum put a heavy emphasis on being child-led and flexible, while also providing your child with the tools necessary to expose them to new topics and ideas.

At the forefront of my mind with this activity book is providing a rich environment that facilitates learning, and activities that inspire creativity and a genuine interest in learning – All while being low-prep and affordable. You can expect to find gentle language and methods with a focus on connected parenting and freedom to explore.

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