DIY Herbal Bath Bombs – Calming Lavender, Calendula, and Chamomile

Learn how to make DIY herbal bath bombs for stress relief and softer skin. This simple homemade recipe has lavender, chamomile, and calendula to create a relaxing and fragrant blend.

DIY Herbal Bath Bombs

Homemade bath bombs are one of my favorite things to make. In fact, I think it may have been one of the first DIY bath products I ever made at home.

There are so many different combinations and scents you can go for, but this recipe is great for general stress relief and relaxation.

I had a pretty rough week, so I made these on a whim yesterday. They turned out great, and it improved my mood drastically! Give me some herbs and a hot bath, and it’s like hitting the reset button.

Be warned though, if you don’t use a muslin bag, your bath will have a million little herbs floating around for a while afterward. As we speak, there’s still little bits of calendula in my hair. I personally don’t mind, I’m just giving you a heads up.


Lavender is known for its relaxing aroma, and its ability to decrease stress and anxiety. It’s commonly used for insomnia and anxiety, and a recent study even claims that it increases the time in deep sleep, especially in women.


Chamomile soothes sore muscles, promotes sleep, and reduces muscle spasms and stress. I like to add it to my baths and apply chamomile creams when I’m on my period. It always eases my cramps and makes me feel calm.


Calendula is great for soothing irritated, damaged skin. It’s not known as a “calming” herb, like lavender or chamomile, but rather a powerful healing herb suited for cuts, rashes, eczema, and various other skin issues. I really love the smell, which is the main reason I added it to this recipe.

How To Make DIY Herbal Bath Bombs

DIY Herbal Bath Bombs

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DIY Herbal Bath Bombs


1. Mix dry ingredients in a big bowl. I blended the herbs a bit in a blender before adding them to the bowl.

2. In a separate small bowl, mix together wet ingredients.

3. Slowly pour in the wet ingredients, mixing in quickly the entire time. Please be careful! Pouring too fast will ruin your batch!

4. Once the ingredients are mixed, try to make a test ball in your hands. If the mixture isn’t holding together at all, try adding just a tiny bit of water and try again.

5. Put the mixture into the bath bomb molds and allow to set for about two hours. *I’m usually too impatient to wait hours. In fact, I usually only wait about 10 minutes. If you’re planning on selling them or giving them away, you might want to wait. If they’re just for you, don’t worry too much.*

6. Carefully remove the bath bombs from the molds and wrap them for later.

DIY Herbal Bath Bombs


DIY Herbal Bath Bombs

DIY Herbal Bath Bombs

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If you want to go for more of a homemade look, you really don’t need the bath bomb molds.

I hope you enjoy this recipe! This will now be my go-to when I’m having menstrual cramps. I felt so rejuvenated afterward, and I love how beautiful they look.

These DIY herbal bath bombs would make a great gift for a friend or family member who’s under stress or experiencing muscle spasms or soreness.

If you make these DIY herbal bath bombs, let me know how they turned out in the comments below! You can also tag me on Instagram or Twitter. I’d love to see!

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DIY Herbal Bath Bombs

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