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Easy Pre-K Homeschool Lesson Plan

This week we’re in the middle of a crazy busy time, so this is a great plan to follow if you’re also strapped for time.

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I’ve been homeschooling my babies since they were itty bitty. I made the decision when my oldest was 2, and he’s now 5! That means my middle baby was a newborn, and my youngest wasn’t even here yet!

At this age, you don’t really need to do much. I just truly enjoy creating a weekly rhythm and lesson plan that we can follow.

Many weeks we don’t do anything at all! We’re just doing life together and learning along the way.

Other times, like this week, I can tell that they all need some structure and stimulation because they’ve been destructive and cooped up at the house for far too long.

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Shape Match Worksheet Printable for Toddlers

This lesson plan is a great example of a week where we don’t have anything specific we’re currently working on, or interested in. It’s just a ton of low-prep activities and sensory play to keep them engaged and playing together.

This week’s

Toddler Homeschool Lesson Plan

What are they learning from these activities? Colors, numbers, shapes, letter recognition, sharing, cooking, literacy skills, fine motor, gross motor, and much more!

We’ll also be going to the gym a few times, and the park if we can squeeze it in. Our gym has childcare with activities like storytime, rock climbing, dance, etc. That way they get their physical education in as well.

Marshall is currently working through a Racecar unit that I made for him and is interested in learning how to count to 100. We’ve worked our way through counting by 10’s but will review that and introduce counting by 5’s this week.

Interested in our meal plan for this week, too? Check it out here.

The materials we’re using this week:

Remember, when all else fails, simply reading with your kids is perfect!

What does your weekly lesson plan look like for your little ones? Have you done any of these activities? Let me know in the comments below!

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