Fall Paper Plate Wreath Craft

This Fall paper plate wreath craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! It’s simple enough for small hands, is low-prep, and makes a great addition to your Autumn crafts and activities lineup! 

Fall Paper Plate Wreath Craft | Modern Homestead Mama

Have you ever made a Fall wreath? Like, a real one? They’re way more difficult than they look. In 2016 my MIL and I tried our hand at one, and let’s just say, it took many hours and way too much hot glue. No matter what we did, there were wobbly bits that we just couldn’t secure down.

Ever since then, I’ve avoided making real wreaths. I’ll have to keep playing around with it until I get a technique down. Never again will I question the price tag on those suckers, either!

With a toddler, a preschooler, and a little one on the way, I knew we weren’t going to make a real one this year, either. Instead, I’ve been focusing all of my holiday spirit into my kid’s homeschooling. 

I added this easy Fall paper plate wreath to our lineup of Autumn crafts during our Autumn unit, and it went really well! My son understood the concept of making decor for the holidays, and was able to do almost all of the steps by himself except for cutting the center out!


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Fall Paper Plate Wreath Craft

Fall Paper Plate Wreath Craft

Start by cutting the center of your paper plate out, and giving it to your child, along with some glue and fake Autumn leaves! There’s no wrong way to decorate a paper plate wreath! Glitter, stickers, acorns, you name it!

Fall Paper Plate Wreath Craft

Fall Paper Plate Wreath Craft

You can glue or tie a string through the pack to hang it up, or use some tape to display their beautiful wreath!

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Fall Paper Plate Wreath Craft | Modern Homestead Mama

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