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Five Senses Printable Puppets

This five senses puppets idea comes to you from SimplyEverydayMom.com, and recreated for Modern Homestead Mama’s 5 Senses Unit. It’s a perfect addition to your preschooler’s 5 senses unit!

Five Senses Printable Puppets | Modern Homestead Mama

These 5 senses puppets are 100% an idea I used from SimplyEverydayMom.com in our 5 Senses theme. I haven’t seen anyone else make anything similar, and for that, I want her to get full credit. She has a set listed for free and mine are a copycat of hers. They’re very similar. Check hers out HERE.

I created my own simply so I could add them to my 5 Senses Unit. (I create and sell printables and homeschool unit studies, and needed my own set for this unit. Otherwise, I just would have printed hers off.)

If you would like a free set, I highly encourage you to check hers out, or you can snag mine at the bottom of this article.

She is absolutely genius for this idea! I was actually a bit hesitant about going to the trouble of creating these printable puppets for my kids, but they ended up being my son’s absolute favorite part of the unit – no joke!

It was easy to add to practically every five senses activity we did, from our circle time song, to individual crafts and activities. These were practically falling apart by the end of the unit from being played with so much! I highly, highly recommend them.


5 Senses Activities & Crafts We’ve Done at the Moore Homestead:

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Five Senses Printable Puppets

I colored my own set and taped them to popsicle sticks to show my son what the goal was. The next morning I presented the five senses puppets to him, as well as his own set of cut outs. He was very excited to color his own and put his own twist on it, and tape them to popsicle sticks!

I printed mine on cardstock so no laminating was necessary, but you’ll definitely need to pick one of those options so they hold up throughout your unit study.

Download 5 Senses Printable Puppets

Five Senses Printable Puppets

Five Senses Printable Puppets

Five Senses Printable Puppets

Five Senses Printable Puppets

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Five Senses Printable Puppets | Modern Homestead Mama

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