I Am Special Song (Preschool Song for All About Me Theme)

This song is perfect for circle time during a preschool all about me theme, and gives your child a confidence boost!

I Am Special Song for Preschoolers | Modern Homestead Mama

This adorable song made for a great addition to my son’s homeschool All About Me Unit. During our morning routine, we sang this song together and discussed our features. 

I make it a point to compliment my kids often, but also ask them how they feel about themselves, to stress the importance of self-love and not placing too much of their self-worth into the hands of anyone else, even Mommy.

This song was a great way to talk about how everyone is special in their own way. Give it a try! You can even print it out and hang it next to your focus board. Find the link below.


All About Me Activities & Crafts We’ve Done at the Moore Homestead:

I Am Special – Preschool Song

Sing to the tune of “Are You Sleeping?”

I am special, I am special.

If you look, you will see,

Someone very special,

Someone very special, 

That is me.

That is me!

– Unknown

Grab your I Am Special Printable

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