Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy & Gender Prediction (The Ultimate List)

Check out this ultimate list of hilarious old wives tales about pregnancy and gender prediction. You might not be able to accurately predict anything about your baby, but you’ll have a good laugh.

Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy & Gender Prediction (The Ultimate List) | Modern Homestead Mama

If you’re pregnant, chances are you’ve heard at least a few old wives tales. Most people mean well, or they’re just having a little fun, but let’s face it – almost all old wives tales are so off-the-wall, there’s just no way they’re true.

Never mind the fact that there’s no science to back them up, most of the “results” are split about 50/50, especially when it comes to gender prediction. Which, as you know, is the probability they have of being true. It usually can only go one of two ways.

These superstitions and old wives tales are all in good fun. You can choose to believe them if you like, but please know there’s no proof that any of them are true.

For those of you that don’t want to find out the gender of your baby until birth, you may have fun with the second half of this post!

Superstitions and Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy

If You Have Heartburn, Your Baby Will Be Born With A Lot of Hair

Newborn Baby With Hair Heartburn

They say if you experience heartburn throughout your pregnancy, it means your baby will be born with a full head of hair! It was true for my son, but like all old wives tales, it could go either way.

You Can’t Get Pregnant While Nursing

This one is, of course, false. Many women don’t get their period for months, or even a year or two after giving birth if they breastfeed or pump. This does not mean you’re not fertile though! Many women get pregnant before their period even comes back after having a baby.

No Sweeping, Vacuuming, or Mopping

Apparently cleaning your floors in any way somehow leads to pregnancy loss. Not sure how that works, but if there’s one superstition I’m willing to follow, it would be this one.

If Your Toddler Looks Between Their Legs, You’re Pregnant!

If your toddler bends over and looks between their legs, it means your pregnant. I’m not sure where this idea came from, but it’s pretty funny to think that your toddler exploring movement somehow correlates with your fertility or sex life in any way. More than anything, it seems women tend to get baby fever right around the time their older child gets to an age where they discover that they can peek between their own legs while standing.

Don’t Put Your Hands Above Your Head

It’s said that putting your hands above your head while pregnant will make the umbilical cord wrap around your baby’s neck. Nonsense, just complete nonsense.

A Pregnant Women MUST Eat Whatever She Craves

There are a few variations of this. One version says if a woman doesn’t get to eat every single thing she craves, the baby will be born with a sty in their eye. Another says the baby will be born with a birthmark the shape of the food she was denied.

I’m not sure what’s up with the fear of birth marks, but if it motivates your partner to run to the store at 3 in the morning to pick up a pint of ice cream, it sounds like a win?

If The Woman Is on Top, You Can’t Get Pregnant

Do I really need to elaborate? This is funny, but we all know it’s not true. I’m sure some of us know from experience, even.

Don’t Pop Your Back

One of the strangest old wives tales I’ve ever heard, was that you can’t pop your back while pregnant, because the baby’s arm will get hooked around the spine and break. What?

Don’t Look At Anything “Ugly”

It’s said that if you look at anything “ugly” while pregnant, your baby will be ugly. First of all, what the heck? Second of all, no.

You’ll Give Birth When There’s A Full Moon

Call me crazy, but if there’s one old wives tale I want to believe in, it’s this one. Of course, babies are born every day, at every phase of the moon, soo…

Don’t Go To Funerals While Pregnant

This one may be rooted in a little truth. The idea is that pregnant women shouldn’t attend funerals because it causes stress for her and the baby. If you absolutely must attend, you shouldn’t look at the deceased.

If You Take A Bath, You’ll Ruin Your Amniotic Fluid

There are two variations of this superstition: if you take a bath, it will make your amniotic fluid dirty, or your baby will drown in the womb.

Both of those are obviously false. The only real concern with taking baths is the temperature of the water. No water will get to the baby, and there’s no way they can drown when they’re floating around in amniotic fluid anyway. This is a strange one!

You Better Get Rid of Your Cat

There’s a long-running superstition about cats and newborns. Some people believe a cat’s instinct is the smother the baby when you’re not looking, and believe it or not, many people actually do believe this! I don’t have any cats, but as far as I can tell, it’s completely false. Many people have happy, healthy babies with cats in the home.

Wearing High Heels Will Make Your Baby Cross-Eyed

High Heels During Pregnancy Old Wives Tale

I’m not sure what wack-a-doodle came up with this one, but it’s confusing. How in the world did they come up with a correlation between a baby’s eyes and a mom’s choice in shoes?

Labor With A Girl Will Be The Same As Your Birth

I know, that’s a little confusing. It’s said that when a woman is pregnant with a girl, her birthing experience will be strikingly similar to the labor her mother went through when having her. I can’t speak from personal experience just yet, but with all of the options available to women in terms of labor and delivery, I can’t help but think this isn’t true.

Spicy Food Will Send You Into Labor

Don’t worry, you can eat spicy foods without sending yourself into labor. This one is false as well.

Coffee Will Give Your Baby Birth Marks

Hey, whatever motivates you to cut back on coffee, right? In actuality, it’s completely fine to enjoy coffee in moderation while pregnant, but decaf is preferred. There is no link between coffee consumption and birth marks.

Don’t Look At A Mouse

Apparently some people believe that looking at a mouse while pregnant means your baby will be born with a hairy mole. Interesting. I’m not sure how that would work, but if you don’t want to take your chances, stay away from mice I guess.

Also, Don’t Eat Strawberries

Yet another birthmark superstition! Pregnant women should avoid eating strawberries, or their baby will be born with a big ol’ strawberry birthmark. Jeez, people are really worried about their babies being born with birthmarks.

Old Wives Tales About Predicting Gender

Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

If you’ve never heard of it, there’s a Chinese gender prediction chart that some people swear by. BabyCenter has one, where you manually enter in your age and conception month, and it will tell you what the Chinese gender prediction chart says you’ll be having. It’s all in good fun, and I guess it has a 50% chance of being right!

Carrying High Means Girl, Carrying Low Means Boy

Apparently carrying high points to a girl, and carrying low points to a boy. It’s actually been the opposite for me, but some people swear by it.

Shape of Your Baby Bump

The shape of your bump is said to correlate with the baby’s gender. If you have a big, round belly like a basketball, you’re having a girl. If you carry weight everywhere, you’re having a boy. Of course, it doesn’t mean anything. Every pregnancy is different.

Which Breast Is Bigger?

This old wives tale says if your right breast is bigger than your left during pregnancy, you’re carrying a boy. If your left breast is bigger, you’re carrying a girl. My left breast has been the bigger one since I’ve had them, and it didn’t mean anything. It was bigger throughout my boy pregnancy, during breastfeeding, and it’s the bigger one now during my pregnancy with a girl.

The Garlic Test

If you’re able to eat a clove of garlic or more and not smell like it, apparently that somehow means you’re having a girl. If it makes you smelly, it’s a boy. Interesting theory, for sure.

Moody = Girl, Chill = Boy

How has your mood been during your pregnancy? Are you moody or calm? They say if you’re pregnant with a girl, you’ll be a little over the top and emotional, and if you’re pregnant with a boy, you’ll be chill and relaxed.


This old wives tale says if you experience headaches while pregnant, you’re likely carrying a boy. No headaches means you’re having a girl. Of course, there are dozens of reasons you may experience a headache. My suggestion? If you’re having headaches a lot, start with drinking more water. You may be dehydrated!

Cold Feet

Are your feet unusually cold? Apparently that means you might be carrying a boy!

Cravings For Gender Prediction

If you’re craving sweets, many people claim that means you’re having a girl! If you’re more into salty foods, you’re carrying a boy.

The Shape of Your Face

They say if your face gets round or “fluffy,” you’re carrying a girl. If you don’t gain any weight, you’re carrying a boy. For me, it’s been the opposite both times!

Your Last Baby’s First Word

For those of us with another kid, apparently their first word can detect our next baby’s gender. Not sure how that makes sense, but I’ll let you decide.

If your last baby’s first word was “Mama,” then you’re going to have a girl next. If they said “Dada” first, you’ll have a boy!

Big Legs or Lean Legs

If you start carrying extra weight in your legs while pregnant, you’ll likely have a boy. If your legs stay nice and lean, it’s a girl! This one has been the opposite for me as well.

Morning Sickness

It’s said if you experience morning sickness, congrats! You’re having a little girl! No morning sickness or nausea? It’s a boy!

We all know this is false. It doesn’t matter what gender your baby is, some people experience morning sickness, and others don’t. Sorry to say, but there’s nothing more to it, really.

The Baking Soda Test

Collect your first morning urine in a cup and pour it into another cup with baking soda. There’s no specific measurements, but you want to shoot for equal parts urine and baking soda.

If the mixture fizzes or “sizzles,” it’s said you’re having a boy. If it stays flat and does nothing, it’s a girl!

Pupil Dilation

This old wives tale says if you stare at yourself in the mirror and your eyes dilate, you’re having a boy. If they don’t dilate, you’re having a girl. Of course, there are several other reasons your pupils might dilate, so who’s to say.

Baby Boys Give You A Pregnancy Glow

It’s said that baby boys give you a beautiful pregnancy glow, while baby girls…

Baby Girls “Steal” Your Beauty

People say that baby girls “steal” your beauty. You don’t have as much of a glow as you would with a boy, and you’re likely battling bad skin and hair issues. To be honest, this has been kind of true for me. Little Miss Madelyn is giving me zits and dry hair. Ugh!

Hair Growth

If you’re experiencing rapid hair growth, or your hair is super shiny and healthy, you’re pregnant with a boy! Pregnancy in general can cause your hair to grow at a rapid rate, and the prenatal vitamins certainly help!

Shoe Size

This old wives tale says if your feet grow larger during your pregnancy, you’re having a boy! If they stay the same, you’re having a girl.

Clumsiness Points To Boy

Are you feeling unusually clumsy and unbalanced? You might be carrying a boy! Or so they say. In reality, clumsiness comes with pregnancy no matter your baby’s gender.

Hubby Gaining Weight

Is your partner gaining a bunch of weight during your pregnancy? This old wives tale says that means you’re likely pregnant with a girl!

The Ring Test

The ring test goes like this:

  1. Tie your wedding ring (or any ring) to a piece of string.
  2. Dangle the string over your belly, with no force or swaying.
  3. If the ring moves in a circle, you’re having a girl. If it sways side to side, you’re having a boy!

Heart Rate

The theory is, if your baby’s heart rate is between 110 to 130 bpm, you’re pregnant with a boy. If it’s between 140 to 160 bpm, you’re having a girl!

Sleeping Position

Which side are you more comfortable sleeping on? Apparently this “predicts” the gender of your baby as well. Sleeping on your right side means you’re carrying a girl, and sleeping on the left side means boy. Interesting.

The Ramzi Method

Many people actually do believe in the Ramzi theory, though it’s never been scientifically proven. It states that if your placenta is on the right side, you’re having a girl. If it’s on the left side, you’re having a boy!

It’s actually shockingly accurate, with some exceptions of course. Many people get the two sides confused, and forget to take the type of ultrasound into account. Be sure to ask the ultrasound tech which side your placenta is on if you want to use the Ramzi method to guess your baby’s gender early.

How To Conceive A Girl

How To Conceive A Baby Girl

If you thought the craziness stops there, you’re wrong! There are a few old wives tales about how to conceive the gender you desire as well! Here are the “tricks” to try if you’re wanting to conceive a girl. Remember, nothing is tested or proven.

Wooden Spoon and Scissors

Putting a wooden spoon and a pair of scissors under your bed or pillow before sex and while you sleep is said to help you conceive a girl! Like most of these old wives tales, all I can say is “what?”

Get on Top

Oh, but I thought the saying was that being on top means you can’t get pregnant? Well apparently when it’s convenient to say, it also somehow means you’ll get pregnant with a girl. Hmm…

Eat Chocolate & Everything Sweet

Get a head start on those sweet cravings and eat lots of chocolate if you want to conceive a girl!

Eat Lots of Fish

And… fish?

Do The Deed on Even Days of The Month

Doing the deed on odd days of the month is off limits when you’re trying to make a girl. Even days only! For some reason.

Have Sex A Few Days Before Ovulation

They say you’re more likely to conceive a girl if you have sex a few days fore your big ovulation day. There’s actually quite a bit to it. If you’re interested, here’s an article from What To Expect about the shettles method.

How To Conceive A Boy

How To Conceive A Baby Boy

Missionary Position

Having sex in the missionary position is said to bring a boy. Something about deeper penetration? This isn’t a typical topic found on MHM… It’s worth a shot if you’re trying for a boy. Let’s leave it at that.

Eat Lots of Bananas

Apparently eating lots of bananas while TTC will give you a boy. There’s no harm in trying I suppose! You’ll get lots of potassium at the very least.

Eat More Red Meat

Eating more meat, specifically red meat is said to help you conceive a boy.

Have Sex on Your Ovulation Day

Having sex as close to ovulation as possible is supposed to help tip the odds in favor of a boy. It’s the same shettles method mention above.

Sleep To The Left of Your Partner

Somehow sleeping to the left of your partner is said to increase your odds of conceiving a boy.

Only Do The Deed on Odd Days of the Month

No hanky panky on Valentine’s day if you’re trying to conceive a boy! To have a son, the old saying is that you should only have sex on odd days of the month.

Were any of these pregnancy old wives tales true for you? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

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