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Paper Plate Apple Craft (Cut, Tear, & Glue)

This paper plate apple craft for preschoolers is simple, easy to throw together with materials you probably already have, and it will help your child work on their fine motor skills, artistic ability, and cutting/gluing skills!

Paper Plate Apple Craft for Preschoolers | Modern Homestead Mama

While putting together our apple unit this year, I wanted to add a few crafts and activities that were low-prep. Where to turn to other than Pinterest? While searching through their endless ideas on all things apple, I came across several variations of this easy apple craft.

Back when I was a preschool teacher, I remember “cut, tear, and glue” art projects being super popular. Not only are they super fun for the kids, but they also take absolutely no prep for the teachers!

That’s right folks. All I did to prepare for this apple craft, was write the idea down in our homeschool planner. No prepping, no ordering materials.

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Paper Plate Apple Craft

Paper Plate Apple Craft (Cut, Tear, and Glue)

All I did for this craft was pull out red, black, and green construction paper. I quickly cut out 2 stems and 2 leaves, and glued them to 2 different paper plates. 

I usually make 2 of every craft: one to show my son what we’re going for, and one for him to complete on his own.

If your child is more advanced, you might ask them to cut out the leaves and stems themselves!

From there, you can show them how to rip and cut pieces of construction paper and glue them onto the paper plate.

To make things easier, I went ahead and added glue all over the paper plate, so my son could easily stick the pieces of paper on.

This is a very short and sweet post, but I hope it helped inspire you for your preschooler’s Apple unit!

Paper Plate Apple Craft (Cut, Tear, and Glue)

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