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Pickle Science Study – Five Senses Activity

Looking for a fun and unique five senses activity to show your preschooler or kindergartener about their senses? Do a pickle science study using my free worksheet! 

Pickle Science Study - Five Senses Activity | Modern Homestead Mama

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I first thought of this idea when I was searching for books to read during our 5 senses theme. I came across this adorable book on Amazon. While the book itself is not solely about a pickle, it got me thinking – wait, that’s the perfect subject for a 5 senses science study!

You can use all five of your senses when eating a pickle! 

Plus, pickles are a fridge staple around here, so I knew we’d have some at any given point during our unit study.

I created a worksheet for my son and I to fill out while we “studied” a pickle. He’s still too young to write, but he enjoys asking me to fill certain worksheets out, and it keeps us on track! However, of course the worksheet is not necessary. Simply turning snack-time into a study session full of discussion is enough!


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Pickle Science Study – Five Senses Activity + Worksheet

Pickle Science Study Worksheet

Pickle Science Study - Five Senses Activity

For this science lesson, simply provide your child with a pickle and the accompanying worksheet! Start by talking about your sight, smell, and touch, and end with taste and sound! What does the pickle sound like when you bite it? What is the flavor like?

Talking about things like this will start to come naturally to your child over time, and they’ll begin observing everything around them like a little scientist. 

Pickle Science Study - Five Senses Activity

Pickle Science Study - Five Senses Activity

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Pickle Science Study - Five Senses Activity | Modern Homestead Mama

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