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Postpartum Care Kit: For A Better, Faster Recovery

Check out the items you should put in your DIY Postpartum Care Kit for the bathroom, as well as a few other postpartum essentials for a better, faster recovery.

Postpartum Care Kit For A Better, Faster Recovery | Modern Homestead Mama

Every mom out there will tell you something different about postpartum recovery, but there’s one thing we can all agree on: 

Mesh. Panties. Are. Da. Bomb.

Seriously, they’re lifesavers. Whoever invented them deserves a medal.

It doesn’t matter if you delivery your baby via c-section, vaginally, medicated, naturally, in a tub, or in your car on the way to the hospital. We all swear by mesh panties. Why? Because no matter how your baby enters this world, we all deal with the aftermath of birth for weeks.

Some of the postpartum items I recommend in this article are geared specifically towards moms who deliver vaginally because that’s what I have experience with. Both of my babies were delivered vaginally at a hospital, and it’s what I know. With my first, I had an episiotomy, which was actually pretty brutal looking back on it. My second baby didn’t cause any tears, and I didn’t need an episiotomy or anything, and the healing process has been 1000 times easier. 

Regardless, these items were super useful both times around, and I can’t imagine functioning without them! 

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Postpartum Care Kit | Modern Homestead Mama

If you haven’t had your baby yet, don’t worry! Remember, you were made for this! Your hormones will take over and carry you through the tough times during labor and postpartum recovery. Trust yourself, Mama!

And prepare! So many of us get wrapped up in preparing our homes and buying a bunch of baby items, that we don’t even think about ourselves. Which is why I created a postpartum checklist for moms-to-be. There’s no reason we should be left unprepared when it comes to healing our bodies after baby is born!

Aside from the essential items I think new moms should have stocked up, my biggest piece of advice I have for moms-to-be is to trust your body. You can handle so much more than you think! 

Postpartum Care Kit For A Better, Faster Recovery

Here’s What I Keep in the Bathroom For Postpartum Recovery


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If you deliver in a hospital, usually they’ll provide you with a peri bottle, some Dermoplast, mesh undies, and some postpartum pads. It varies from hospital to hospital.

I definitely recommend buying some Tucks pads, granny panties, extra postpartum pads, and the ingredients for your own herbal postpartum tea. 

A Few Other Postpartum Care Kit Essentials


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I also highly recommend this postpartum recovery bundle by Pink Stork. They even have a few breastfeeding teas and vitamins. The vanilla one is my favorite!

Postpartum Recovery Bundle

For even more must-have items for postpartum recovery, check out my breastfeeding basket!

What items do you swear by for postpartum healing? Did I miss something that really helped you? Or are you a first time mom-to-be? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!

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Postpartum Care Kit For A Better, Faster Recovery | Modern Homestead Mama

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