Postpartum Checklist: Things to Do to Prepare for Postpartum Healing

The ultimate postpartum checklist, complete with everything you need to do and buy to prepare for healing postpartum while caring for a newborn baby.

Postpartum Checklist: Things To Do To Prepare for Postpartum Healing | Modern Homestead Mama

In all the madness of the third trimester, preparing for postpartum healing is often overlooked by many first-time mothers. I know I didn’t put much thought into it!

Okay, sure. I worried about it. I didn’t know what to expect, and to save my sanity, I chose not to think about it much. Instead, I focused on preparing for birth, getting our home ready for the baby, and everything else leading up to the big day.

Because of this, I had absolutely nothing set up for the recovery period. 

Seriously, I didn’t even have any pads. My husband had to run to the grocery store and buy the biggest ones he could find once I ran out of the pads the hospital sent me home with.

Thank God for the hospital, by the way. I didn’t know anything about witch hazel pads, peri bottles, or that magical numbing spray. 

This time around, I know what’s coming for me, and you best believe I’m prepared. I’ve made sure to add postpartum care to the top of my list of things to do before the baby arrives.

So, take it from the person who had absolutely nothing ready for healing once she got home from the hospital, while you’re nesting, make these things a priority.

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Postpartum Checklist

Mother Holding New Baby in Hospital

Consider a Postpartum Wrap

If you’ve never heard of a postpartum belly wrap, you should look into them! Bellefit is easily the top choice for new moms. Not only do they provide support and compression to get your belly back down to its’ pre-baby size (or, you know, as close as we can get), they can greatly reduce the pain from postpartum cramping!

It’s not all about looks. Bellefit in particular is doctor-recommended for both vaginal and c-section mamas, since it provides such great support for your tummy and back.

Put together a “Postpartum Care Kit” 

Postpartum Care Kit

There’s an array of postpartum care items available to you, but these are the ones I strongly recommend. These can be conveniently kept in a storage basket on the back of your toilet for easy access!

Other Items For A Better Postpartum Recovery:

If you’re not already buying the breastfeeding essentials, you may want to add reusable nursing pads, lanolin, and breast therapy packs to your list.

Prepare Your Home For Postpartum Healing

Holding Newborn Baby at Home

Don’t just worry about the bathroom situation! Prepare your entire house for the postpartum period.

For instance, if you’re having a scheduled c-section, you know in advance that you won’t be able to bend over very well for a while. If your pack and play has a bassinet attachment, add it! 

If some essential items are on the bottom shelf or cabinet, bring those items higher for easier access!

For anyone not having a planned c-section, there are still things you can do to prepare your home for the baby, and make your life easier while you heal from giving birth.

Stocking up on household essentials, including easy-to-grab snacks, and making sure things are decluttered and organized makes all of the difference.

As a side note, I highly recommend getting a quality water bottle. You’ll need to stay hydrated, and it’s easier to do when you have a water bottle nearby at all times. 

Get Comfortable Clothes

Again, yet another thing I totally spaced on with my first. I was so focused on getting everything ready for the baby, that I totally forgot about myself. And it’s not just about “self-care.” You legitimately NEED different clothes after having a baby. 

You can continue wearing maternity clothes. The biggest thing is making comfort a priority. If you’re able to find clothes that are cute and comfy, you’ve struck postpartum clothing gold, my friend.

It’s an emotional time. There will be some days you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and think, “Oh my freaking God. What has happened to me?” It helps if you have some cute clothes, trust me.

Plus, it’s hard to imagine a world where you need access to your ta-ta’s 20 hours out of the day until you’ve gone through it, but if you’re planning on breastfeeding or pumping, take that into consideration!

And you don’t have to buy fancy breastfeeding shirts. Just look for breastfeeding-friendly tops! Or invest in some camisoles so you can do the two-shirt method!

Make Padsicles

Postpartum Padsicles

Padsicles are super helpful! Essentially, you squirt some witch hazel and aloe vera gel on a pad, fold it back up and freeze it. After it’s nice and cool, use it like you would a regular pad. It’s so soothing! 

Put Together Herbal Postpartum Bath Tea

You can follow my recipe, or purchase some online! No matter how you get some, it’s a crunchy mama’s dream. This all natural home remedy speeds up the healing process and leaves you feeling refreshed. Just be sure to follow your doctor’s orders on when to take your first bath.

Learn More About What’s Coming Your Way

The best thing you can do to prepare yourself for postpartum healing is to research and read up! Ask questions in mom groups, peruse Pinterest or forums for mothers, read books. 

Every woman’s experience is different, but it doesn’t hurt to hear other people’s stories. You should also be sure you know what signs to look out for regarding postpartum depression. 

How are you preparing for postpartum healing? Was there anything you wish you would have done if you’ve already had a baby? Let me know in the comments below!

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