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Q-Tip Skeleton Craft for Preschoolers

Q-tip crafts are one of my favorite easy art activities to do with my kids. They’re versatile and cheap, and make super cute crafts and projects. For our human body homeschool unit, we used q-tips to make a skeleton as we talked about bones and the skeletal system.

Q-TIp Skeleton Craft for Preschoolers | Modern Homestead Mama

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Every time my kids see q-tips at this point, they assume it’s for an art project. What does that say about me? Other than the fact that I don’t clean my ears enough.

We adore q-tip crafts.

They’re cheap and perfect for working on fine motor skill development in these early years. We’ve done it all, from painting with q-tips, to poking them through holes on the bottom of an old egg carton. We’ve even used them to make little hanging snowflakes in the Winter season. 

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Q-TIp Skeleton Craft for Preschoolers

Q-TIp Skeleton Craft for Preschoolers

Q-Tip Skeleton Craft

Materials for this craft:

  • Black construction paper
  • Skull printable (you can print this one for FREE on our curriculum site, or draw one)
  • School glue
  • Q-tips

Q-Tip Skeleton Craft

To make your q-tip skeleton craft, glue the skull on a black sheet of construction paper and provide your preschooler with q-tips and school glue. Show them how to make a skeleton by gluing the q-tips in a similar way to the above pictures. 

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Obviously, this craft isn’t very close to an actual skeleton, but it’s a fun, hands-on way to introduce your little one to the skeletal system. You can use this as an opportunity to talk about how, though this skeleton is a very rough interpretation of our real skeleton, certain bones are supposed to represent the ribs, the spine, etc.

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As the craft dries, I encourage you to watch a couple of Youtube videos about the skeletal system, or at least the human body. We used this book as a guide throughout our human body unit, and it was a great resource. 

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What’s your favorite q-tip craft for kids? Let us know in the comments! 

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Q-TIp Skeleton Craft for Preschoolers | Modern Homestead Mama

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