Rainbow Playdough Kit Invitation to Play

This Rainbow Playdough Kit is sure to draw your child in and have them creating and exploring in no time! It fits in perfectly with a rainbow theme, and promotes open-ended play that every preschooler would love!

Rainbow Playdough Kit Invitation to Play | Modern Homestead Mama

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Have you heard of an invitation to play? It’s pretty much just a way of organizing an activity or toy set in a new way that piques your child’s interest. In every unit study we do, I create an invitation to play, and they’re always a hit. 

My favorite homeschool find this year has been these wooden trays. I’m super proud, because they were kind of hard to find, and they’re affordable! I add play dough and themed toys and materials to the tray and present it to my son after nap (so it’s a surprise).

He adores it! And this rainbow kit was no exception. 


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Rainbow Playdough Kit Invitation to Play | Modern Homestead Mama

Rainbow Playdough Kit Invitation to Play

I added colorful items found around our house to save money, and he didn’t care either way. He was stoked!

If you’re curious, here’s what I added to our kit:

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Rainbow Playdough Kit Invitation to Play | Modern Homestead Mama

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