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16 Fun & Delicious Rainbow Snacks for your Kids

These rainbow snacks are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face, and pair wonderfully with a rainbow study or theme. They would make adorable additions to a rainbow party as well!

16 Fun & Delicious Rainbow Snacks for your Kids | Modern Homestead Mama

What’s more fun than giving your kids themed snacks with their unit studies or themed parties? 

It’s a great way to re-engage your child in their unit, or to present them with a new one! “Which theme do you think we’re studying this week? …Rainbows! Yes!”

From simple rainbow snack baggies, to full on layered jello, you’ll find something that you can fit into your theme, no matter how busy you are! 

Rainbow snacks are fairly easy to make. All you really need is colorful snacks, and you’re on the right track! Simply displaying colorful veggies or fruit is fun, but we have some ideas for all you extra moms out there as well.


Rainbow Activities & Crafts We’ve Done at the Moore Homestead:

You can check out my tagged photos on Instagram to see other families following my unit studies, including my fabulous Rainbow unit!

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Rainbow Snacks for Kids

1. Rainbow Snack Bags

Rainbow Snack Bags

2. Rainbow M&M Celery Boats

3. Rainbow Fruit Banana Sushi

Rainbow Fruit Banana Sushi

4. Pot of Gold Oreo Cookies

Pot of Gold Oreo Cookies

5. Rainbow Cookie Lollipops

6. Graham Cracker Rainbow Snack

Graham Cracker Rainbow Snack

7. Rainbow Angel Food Fruit Cake

Rainbow Fruit Cake

8. Rainbow Pretzel Wands

9. Rainbow Fruit Snack Bags

10. Rainbow Smoothie Taste Testing Activity

Rainbow Smoothie Taste Testing

11. Rainbow Grapes

12. Rainbow Muddy Buddies

13. Rainbow Fruit Kebabs

Rainbow Fruit Kebabs

14. White Chocolate Unicorn Bark

White Chocolate Unicorn Bark

15. Rainbow Jello Cups

Rainbow Jello Cups

16. Rainbow Unicorn Popcorn

Rainbow Popcorn

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