Rainbow Surprise Art Activity for Kids

This rainbow activity for toddlers and preschoolers makes a great addition to a rainbow theme, and works on fine motor skills, language, and art exploration. 

Rainbow Surprise Art Activity for Kids | Modern Homestead Mama

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If you’ve never made surprise art with your kids, get ready! They’re going to fall in love. And, thank goodness for us, it’s super easy to put together.

The biggest downside to paper towel surprise art? Once you drop the paper towel into the pan of water, it’s automatically gorgeous, but it’s over. It doesn’t take long to prep, but it takes seconds to do.

I found a clever workaround for this issue, so we can get at least a few minutes out of it with our kids.

Are you ready? *Drum roll, please.*

Plastic pipettes!

Instead of dropping the paper towels in water for an instant surprise, your preschooler can use a plastic pipette to squirt tiny amounts of water onto it, revealing the colors underneath in sections instead of all at once.

Genius, right? 


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Rainbow Surprise Art Activity for Kids

Rainbow Surprise Art Activity for Kids

How to Make Rainbow Surprise Art

What you’ll need:


  1. Tear off a pair of paper towels (2 stuck together) and fold in half.
  2. Using a sharpie, draw the outline of the rainbow. You may have to go over it twice so it bleeds through to the bottom paper towel.
  3. On the bottom paper towel, color in the rainbow with washable markers.
  4. Fold the paper towel back so the colors are hidden.
  5. Place the paper towel in a pan and give your preschooler a cup of water and a pipette!

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Rainbow Surprise Art Activity for Kids | Modern Homestead Mama

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