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Salt & Sugar Taste Test – Five Senses Activity

This salt and sugar taste test study is an easy experiment for your preschooler’s five senses unit! It’s so simple, but intriguing to your child. You can use it as an opportunity to talk about sight, smell, and taste!

Salt & Sugar Taste Test - Five Senses Activity | Modern Homestead Mama

This “study” is perfect for young children exploring their senses. You can use this as an opportunity to discuss how using different senses comes in handy for different scenarios. 

In this instance – salt and sugar LOOK the same. Your sense of sight may not necessarily help you decipher which is which. 

But, using your sense of smell and your sense of taste, you can clearly tell the difference between the two. They have totally different flavors.

This was a fun and easy study I added to the beginning of our 5 senses unit, as an introduction. Afterwards we made a sensory collage, which allowed us to use up the remaining salt and sugar, and talk about how both of them feel using our sense of touch.


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Salt & Sugar Taste Test – Five Senses Activity

Salt & Sugar Taste Test - Five Senses Activity

You can start the study off by asking your preschooler which one they think is salt, and which one is sugar. They might make it up, but the point is – they’ll see that it’s actually pretty hard to tell based off of looks alone!

It gets them thinking about which senses they may be using for different things.

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Salt & Sugar Taste Test - Five Senses Activity | Modern Homestead Mama

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