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Sound Jars Five Senses Activity

Sound jars are an easy and fun way for your toddler or preschooler to explore their senses, and it helps them learn how different objects make different sounds when rattled. These make a great addition to your homeschool routine, especially when studying the 5 senses.

Sound Jars Five Senses Activity | Modern Homestead Mama

When I first planned this activity, I envisioned small containers that were not see-through, but as we progressed through our 5 senses unit, I realized I didn’t have anything other than small jars!

I think it would be quite fun for your toddler to explore their sense of hearing without being able to see what’s inside each container without opening them, but this works as well.

As a workaround, I would hide them behind my back, shake one, and ask my kids to guess which jar I was holding. The dry chick peas and bells were hard to distinguish at times, but the marshmallows were clearly different. It opened the door to discussing our sense of touch. Why did the chick peas and bells sound similar? They’re both hard compared to the soft marshmallows.


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Sound Jars Sensory Exploration Activity for Preschoolers

Sound Jars Five Senses Activity

You can leave these sound jars out at your child’s open discovery station as long as you’re sure they’re not able to open them on their own. Fill them with whatever you have around the house! Dry rice, bells, dry beans, you name it.

Sound Jars Five Senses Activity

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Sound Jars Five Senses Activity | Modern Homestead Mama

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