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Wash the Apples Sensory Bin Activity

This simple, low-prep activity is perfect for your apple preschool theme at home. 

Wash the Apples Sensory Bin Activity | Modern Homestead Mama

What better way to kick off your apple unit study than by having your preschooler wash off the apples they’ll be using throughout the next 2 weeks! It’s simple and shouldn’t cost you a penny if you’re already buying apples for your apple theme.

All you need to do is fill up a big plastic tub with soapy water, give your child some scrub brushes or sponges, and let them wash and dry the apples one by one!

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Wash the Apples Activity

Wash the Apples Sensory Bin

This activity has been a hit with all of my program members, and it’s surprising how much there is for your child to explore! You can discuss why the apples float, ask them to separate the apples by color, count them, the list goes on.

Wash the Apples Sensory Bin

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Wash the Apples Sensory Bin | Modern Homestead Mama


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