Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms: 25 Signs You Might Miss

These weird early pregnancy symptoms can start before your missed period, and can easily be overlooked!

Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms: 25 Signs You Might Miss | Modern Homestead Mama

Most women have searched the internet for “earliest pregnancy signs” at least once (or a dozen times). While trying for my son, I practically had the main symptoms memorized.

There were quite a few strange pregnancy symptoms that I came across while researching and looking through mom groups on Facebook. And now that I’ve been pregnant twice, I’ve experienced some weird symptoms of my own. 

Some of them should have tipped me off that there was bun in the oven, but I’ll be honest – with my first pregnancy, it went straight over my head! It wasn’t until I got a positive pregnancy test that I put two and two together.

Today I thought I’d share some of the weird very early pregnancy symptoms that can happen immediately in the first week. These symptoms and signs can show themselves anytime after conception, so if you think you might be pregnant, look over this list. You would be surprised what our bodies can go through during pregnancy, even in those early days!

Early Signs of Pregnancy 1st Week (What I Experienced)

Early Pregnancy Ultrasound

Keep scrolling to see the master list of weird early pregnancy symptoms. This section recounts the totally weird symptoms that I experienced with both of my pregnancies before I missed my period or got a positive pregnancy test.

First Pregnancy

My first pregnancy was partly planned, partly a surprise. My husband and I were engaged and essentially stopped being careful, but I wasn’t exactly tracking my cycle either. There was a point where we started wondering if something was “wrong” so we didn’t focus on timing. We figured it would happen when it was meant to happen.

Well nine months in, it finally happened! I noticed a few strange symptoms very early on that should have tipped me off, but they didn’t. I shrugged them off. Once I took a pregnancy test on the day of my expected period (simply out of curiosity I might add), it all made sense.

This was my pregnancy with my sweet boy, Marshall, for those of you that are curious about gender.

Here are the weird early symptoms that I missed in the first 3 weeks of my pregnancy:

  • Bleeding Gums While Brushing Teeth
  • Leaking Breasts (yeah, I know… I don’t know how that didn’t tip me off either. It was in my Montgomery tubercles)
  • Heartburn and GERD (which I had never experienced before)
  • Mood Swings (like, severe mood swings, y’all)
  • An Extraordinary Urge To Clean, Save Money, and Get Our Lives Together (It was strong!)

I also experienced extremely sore breasts, but that’s common, and can also be explained away as PMS. These were, in my opinion, uncommon pregnancy symptoms to experience in the first month, before I even missed my period.

Second Pregnancy

My second pregnancy was planned as well. In fact, it was done with much more purpose. It took exactly one and a half weeks of “trying” for me to get pregnant with Miss Madelyn. And I just knew I was pregnant.

Being a few years older, and having had a baby before, I felt much more in tune with my body and my cycle.

While I know that the first signs of pregnancy can vary vastly with each child, I couldn’t believe it once it was actually happening. Even though I was certain I was pregnant, these symptoms still threw me for a loop.

Here are the early signs of pregnancy that I experienced with my second pregnancy:

  • Cramping (But somehow I knew they weren’t period cramps. They were stronger.)
  • Hot Flashes
  • Acne (Generally I don’t get acne.)
  • Darker Nipples
  • Total and Complete “Mom Brain” (I’m not joking. There was one day in particular, about 5 days before my positive pregnancy test, where I couldn’t remember things I had just asked my husband. I asked him the same questions several times, felt lost and confused, and like I was in a haze.)
  • I Just Felt “Different”

With this pregnancy, I was able to take an early pregnancy test and get positive results. I was only 3 weeks pregnant when I got a faint positive with my favorite pregnancy tests. (Seriously, these are a lifesaver and I recommend them to everyone I know that’s trying to conceive, breastfeeding, or experiencing irregular periods. They’re so cheap and buying in bulk is the way to go.)

Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms You Can Experience Before Missed Period

Weird Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

Here is the full list of unusual early pregnancy symptoms that you might miss. These can all be experienced immediately after conception, depending on the person.

25. Nosebleeds

While not totally uncommon, it is pretty strange, isn’t it? Some women experience nosebleeds due to the increased blood volume, even in early pregnancy.

24. Feeling Hot?

Your basal body temperature rises right after conception, sometimes well before you’re able to get a positive pregnancy test. You may also experience hot flashes!

23. Constipation

Yeah, as if pregnancy wasn’t fun enough, Mother Nature felt like throwing in a little constipation too. This can happen as soon as progesterone levels increase, so yes. Very early.

22. Implantation Bleeding

Okay, everyone has heard of implantation bleeding. The thing is it’s often mistaken for a light period, especially when someone isn’t paying very much attention to their body. If you’re not paranoid about being pregnant, you might not notice the fact that the bleeding is sparse and inconsistent.

This symptom definitely makes it hard to tell if you’re pregnant or not sometimes.

21. Dizziness

Did you forget to eat breakfast, or are you pregnant? Dizziness is often shrugged off as simple dehydration, exhaustion, or hunger. But it can actually be a very early sign of pregnancy!

20. Headaches

Who would have guessed that headaches could be an early sign of pregnancy? They can occur at any point in pregnancy, but they’re most common in the first and third trimesters. It may be a big tip off if you don’t usually have headaches, but for those who suffer from them often, it could go completely unnoticed.

19. Cramping

Have you ever noticed that most early signs of pregnancy could also be just be Aunt Flo about to make her monthly visit? That’s super convenient, right?

What’s worse is it can feel similar to period cramps. For me, it felt very different. I had pretty bad cramping during what I assume was the time of implantation, and it made me feel a little nauseous and sick as well. But every woman is different, and it may be mistaken for period cramps.

18. Change In Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge changes throughout your cycle, so this symptom can be easy to miss. Is it a normal change, or a sign of pregnancy? It’s hard to say. Sometimes it can take on a cloudy, thick appearance after conception, but only those who are on top of checking themselves and paying close attention will catch it.

17. Stuffy Nose

If you thought nosebleeds were weird, how about a stuffy nose? The increase in mucous production doesn’t just happen “down there.” It can affect your sinuses as well.

16. Cold or Flu-Like Symptoms

Many women claim to have cold or flu-like symptoms in the first trimester. I certainly experienced them briefly with my second pregnancy, and it was well before I was able to get a positive pregnancy test. In fact, it was just a few days after ovulation.

15. Bleeding Gums

Your blood volume increases while pregnant, and it happens pretty quick! One of the first signs of pregnancy that women experience is bleeding gums while brushing their teeth.

14. Leaky Boobs

Yes, your boobs get the memo long before you’re able to get a positive pregnancy test. They don’t waste any time! They’ll start preparing for your baby from the get-go. But remember – if you never leak or feel “full” during pregnancy, that’s not an indication that you’re going to struggle to breastfeed. Every pregnancy is different, and your milk won’t come in until your baby is a couple of days old.

13. Food Aversions

We all know nausea is a common symptom in the first trimester of pregnancy, and along with that sometimes comes aversions to specific foods. Whether it’s the smell or just the thought, there may be some dishes that you used to love that suddenly make your stomach turn!

12. Acne

We always hear about women “glowing” during their pregnancy, but not all of us are that lucky. And for many of us, that pregnant glow isn’t going to show until the second trimester (if at all).

Some women experience acne due to all of the hormonal changes going on in your body in early pregnancy.

11. Pregnancy Brain

Pregnancy brain can strike super early. Take it from me! I experienced it almost a week before I was able to get an accurate pregnancy test reading. As I mentioned above, I felt flustered, confused, and just “off”. I kept forgetting what I was doing and asked my husband the same questions over and over.

10. Darker Nipples

Surely you’ve heard that your nipples can get darker during pregnancy, but did you know it can happen immediately? Many women experience dark nipples before their missed period.

9. Extreme Exhaustion

Do you feel yourself getting tired at 8pm when you usually stay up until 11? Do you feel like taking a nap after lunch? If you’re feeling unreasonably tired, you very well may be pregnant!

8. Vivid Dreams

No one knows why women experience strange and vivid dreams while pregnant, but it happens!

7. Tingly Breasts

We’ve all heard of breasts becoming sore or tender, or even feeling full during pregnancy. But have you heard of them feeling tingly? Yeah, tingly breasts are an early sign of pregnancy.

6. Flatulence

Yes, and the best combination is when you are also constipated. There’s a reason pregnant women are cranky.

5. Metal Taste

If it feels like you have a mouthful of pennies, it can actually be a sign of an underlying health issue. Or, pregnancy! The influx in hormones throws your body off, and it even affects your tastebuds!

4. Mood Swings

While mood swings aren’t really weird or unknown, they can go unnoticed. After all, for the woman experiencing them, their feelings seem completely valid. When I’ve lost my temper on my husband over something dumb while pregnant, I didn’t always think about how crazy I was acting until later.

3. Good Ol’ Heartburn

Yes, just like me, you may experience heartburn for the very first time while pregnant. For me, it happened well before I missed my period. Don’t overlook this symptom like I did! It usually happens to pregnant women because of the surge in progesterone irritating your stomach.

2. Changes In The Taste of Your Breastmilk

Strangely enough, pregnancy can alter the taste of your breastmilk. If you have a baby or toddler currently nursing still, and they suddenly seem to have an aversion to your breastmilk, it may be due to pregnancy! Talk about weird!

1. Feeling “Different”

Some women describe feeling “different” as soon as conception takes place. This means, before things really even start rolling, they feel an indescribable emotional shift. I wish I could break it down for you, but no one understands it.

Earliest Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

Earliest Pregnancy Symptoms

The earliest pregnancy symptoms you may experience vary from pregnancy to pregnancy, but generally speaking, these are the most common:

  • Frequent Urination
  • Excess Saliva OR Dry Mouth
  • Bloating
  • Cramping
  • Mood Swings
  • Swollen Breasts
  • Dizziness
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea

There are so many different signs of pregnancy in the first month, and the fact that many of them can be signs of PMS certainly makes it hard to tell if you’re pregnant or not.

The biggest piece of advice I can offer to you is to relax. Don’t overthink every little symptom you think you’re experiencing, or you’ll drive yourself crazy.

What signs of pregnancy did you experience in the first week or two? Did you find out you were pregnant before your missed period? Tell us your story below! I’d love to hear from you!

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    1. Haha that’s too funny! I’ve been having the STRANGEST dreams as my pregnancy progresses 😱 So vivid and real that I sleep through my alarms 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

  1. Thanks for this article! I had crazy mood swings (I cried because of how cute Corgi puppies are) I had frequent urination, and a yeast infection popped up I think right around implantation, and I know this sounds weird but the last nail in the coffin that convinced me to take a test was something so simple. I just looked in the mirror and my skin was glowing and I saw something in my face and in my eyes that looked different.

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