DIY Face Wash – Honey Chamomile

This is my family’s favorite DIY face wash recipe. The honey and chamomile infused almond oil is perfect for sensitive skin, and leaves you feeling refreshed and moisturized, without that oily feeling.

DIY Face Wash - Honey Chamomile Facewash

I’ve been wanting to share my Honey Chamomile DIY Face Wash recipe for almost two weeks now. Most of the face washes I’ve tried in the past have been pretty plain. And I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m pretty tired of lavender right now.

Just saying the word “chamomile” makes me feel peaceful and relaxed. I love everything about it! The smell. The versatility. The health benefits. I really do think everyone should have dried chamomile flowers in their house at all times.

This DIY face wash recipe is great because every single ingredient is great for your skin.

Honey is naturally antibacterial, and it’s jam-packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps heal and prevent acne and mild irritations, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It’s a great moisturizer and it leaves you with a pretty glow!

And don’t get me started on chamomile. It helps fade scars and provides temporary relief if you’re feeling a rash or skin irritation coming on. It’s antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic. You couldn’t ask for a better combo, really.

DIY Face Wash - Honey Chamomile Foaming Facewash

DIY Face Wash – Honey Chamomile

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

How To Make Honey Chamomile Face Wash:

1. Infuse your almond oil with dried chamomile flowers

DIY Face Wash - Honey Chamomile Foaming Facewash

It’s the same process I explained in my DIY Diaper Cream recipe. Create a double boiler, heat up the oil, then add the chamomile flowers. Allow it to infuse for at least 30 minutes by keeping it simmering and stirring occasionally. The longer you keep it simmering, the better.

2. Strain the almond oil into a jar using a cheesecloth

DIY Face Wash - Honey Chamomile Foaming Facewash

Or you can use an unused flat fold cloth diaper like I did. It worked perfectly!

3. Add filtered water to the glass soap dispenser

DIY Face Wash - Honey Chamomile Foaming Facewash

If you add the Castile soap before the water, you’re going to have a big, bubbly mess on your hands.

4. Add soap and chamomile infused almond oil to the soap dispenser

DIY Face Wash - Honey Chamomile Foaming Facewash

It will look strange and separated, but it’s perfectly fine.

5. Screw the lid on and shake vigorously

DIY Face Wash - Honey Chamomile Foaming Facewash

6. Add honey, rosehip oil, lavender essential oil, and melaleuca essential oil to the dispenser.

DIY Face Wash - Honey Chamomile Foaming Facewash

Tighten the lid, give it a good shake, and voila! Your DIY face wash is done!

DIY Face Wash - Honey Chamomile Foaming Facewash

DIY Face Wash - Honey Chamomile Foaming Facewash

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People have asked me if they have to use the same essential oils that I do in my homemade house products, and the answer is no! Not at all. Different oils have different purposes, and of course, different scents. You can tailor this recipe to fit your needs.

I used lavender and melaleuca oil because I enjoy the scent combination. Melaleuca oil is great for mild skin irritations, and it purifies and cleanses your skin. It will also increase the shelf life of your face wash. It smells fresh and clean, which I definitely prefer for soaps and cleansers.

Lavender essential oil has many awesome benefits, from disinfecting your skin, to aiding in sleep. Like I said, I’m a little tired of lavender scented items, but it was combined with so many other ingredients that it was just the right amount.

You can even swap out the almond oil for jojoba or grapeseed. I chose almond oil because I’ve been breaking out lately, so the vitamin A has been helping me keep that under control. The cold pressed rosehip seed oil is optional, but I definitely recommend adding it.

I hope you enjoy this recipe! I can’t recommend it enough. It feels smooth as silk, and my acne has been going back down again. It’s not something I’ve ever dealt with much before, so I’m relieved that this face wash seems to have done the trick. And it never leaves my skin feeling oily!

If you try it out, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below to let me know how it goes!

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DIY Face Wash - Honey Chamomile Foaming Facewash

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  1. Love the idea! I’ve never made homemade soap before but you might have just sparked a trip to the store to buy my items tomorrow!

    1. Ooo I hope you do it! It really is awesome, and I love how cheap it is once you have all of the items 😊 I never really struggled with acne until my son was about a year old, and this has definitely helped. I think my skin is too sensitive for some of the harsher products out there. 😩 Let me know if you try it!

    1. I don’t see why not 🤣 it might not be as strong. Does it list any other herbs in the ingredients?

  2. This is my favourite! I’ve been using for a few months and had a few friends try it as well. They love it. I too was having break outs and they are gone now 🙂 how long does this keep for however?

    1. Hi Sherry 😊
      I’m sorry, I need to add the shelf life to the post! I would use this for a maximum of 6 weeks. More realistically, 4 weeks since it’s water based. It’s short 😢 but worth it! 😊 I usually use almost all of this bottle within 4 1/2 weeks 😊 There was one time where I didn’t dump it out after 6 weeks ran up, and I didn’t notice any mold growth, but it had obviously turned. The smell was very “in-your-face” 😬 I think I let it sit for about 11 weeks while we were busy moving. I hope that helps 😊

  3. Hi! Just wondering if the Melaleuca oil and rosehip seed oil are essential. It is an expensive start to buy all the different oils. I already have almond, vitamin e, peppermint and lavender and aloe vera oils. Could I sub any of those? Thanks

  4. Hi!
    I’m curious as to how many ounces this makes. The glass pump bottle you used is no longer available so I need to find a comparable one but I’m not sure what size I need.

  5. The link to the foam container isn’t working but I am going to give this a shot. I will have to halve it because my container only holds 16 Oz and this recipe is somewhere near 22 Oz. Do you have a suggestion for a larger container?

  6. Hi, this sounds like a great idea! I have never bought or used essential oils which brand or place do you recommend in buying them?

  7. Can I use another oil instead of almond? I have jojoba oil and hemp seed oil. Also I only have chamomile tea bags with no other herbs would that be okay?

    1. I do think you could use either of those, but coconut oil CAN dry some people’s skin out and can clog pores. 🙂 I’d definitely use almond oil over either of those, but if it’s what you have, I would pick the avocado oil.

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