DIY Lavender Infused Vinegar Cleaner

This DIY lavender infused vinegar for cleaning is a great natural alternative to traditional, store-bought cleaners.

DIY Lavender Infused Vinegar Cleaner

Using distilled white vinegar for cleaning isn’t a new thing. People have been using it to naturally clean dirt and grime around the house for a while now. It’s a great alternative to storebought cleaners with harsh chemicals.

But, let’s face it – it stinks! 

I’ve made many variations of DIY cleaners over the past few years, and I do my best to cover up the vinegar smell. I’ve tried all sorts of infusions and essential oils, and honestly, this version is the easiest and best way to cover up the pungent vinegar odor.

Sometimes, essential oils just don’t cut it. You can’t beat the smell of fresh or dried lavender petals.

Plus, this is super easy to make in a pinch. You don’t have to run to the store for oranges or fresh herbs. If you keep dried lavender around, this recipe is perfect for you.

DIY Lavender Infused Vinegar Cleaning

DIY Lavender Infused Vinegar Cleaner

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DIY Lavender Infused Vinegar


1. Add Lavender Petals To Mason Jar

Add a generous amount of lavender to a mason jar. You certainly don’t have to use as much as I did. I was pregnant when I made this batch, so I wanted to really make sure there was plenty of that lavender-goodness going on.

2. Add White Vinegar

Pour white vinegar over the lavender, almost to the top of the mason jar.

3. Mix The Mixture Up

DIY Lavender Infused Vinegar

Screw the mason jar lid on and shake, or use a spoon to mix.

4. Let The Mixture Infuse

Allow the mixture to infuse in a sunny window for at least a few days. The longer you wait, the better it will smell! I typically like to wait about a week, but with this much lavender, I only waited 5 days.

5. Strain The Lavender Out

Strain the lavender infused vinegar

Strain the lavender petals out through cheesecloth or a fine mesh sieve.

6. Add Lavender Infused Vinegar To Glass Spray Bottle

You can use a small funnel. Or, if you’re flustered and can’t find your funnel (like me), you can use a turkey baster. Whatever works to get the vinegar cleaner in a spray bottle.

And here you have it! Enjoy!

DIY Lavender Infused Vinegar Cleaner

DIY Lavender Infused Vinegar For Cleaning

This ‘recipe’ is one of my favorites. It smells wonderful, and it’s great for everyday spills. Of course, you can’t use vinegar to clean everything, but for a general all-purpose spray, this stuff is the bomb.

Have you infused your own vinegar cleaner before? What are your favorite herbs, flowers, or fruit peels to use? Let me know in the comments below!

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DIY Lavender Infused Vinegar Cleaner

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  1. Hello Victoria Moore 😁 (BTW my Great Grandmother and Grandfather was a Moore from Sherman TX)Texas has the nicest people on the planet!
    My Question to you is can the lavender be used again after straining it?

    1. Hi Mary! 😊 oh my gosh, that’s awesome! 🤣 If Moore wasn’t such a common last name, I’d think maybe we’re related 🙌🏻 I actually have reused the lavender, but only for another batch of vinegar cleaner. 😊 And I’ll usually add a little bit of fresh lavender to it too, so it’s still nice and strong 😊

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