25 Apple Activities for Preschoolers

Check out the most adorable apple activities for your preschooler. Some are suitable for toddlers, and others are for preschoolers, and even possibly kindergarten-aged kids. We looked through these ideas when putting together our homeschool apple unit, and of course couldn’t get to them all – but they’re all worth mentioning!

Apple Activities for Preschoolers | Modern Homestead Mama

Are you putting together an apple theme or unit study for your preschooler? There are so many apple activities out there, it’s hard to choose which ones to recreate. When I was a preschool teacher, I was as extra as I am now that I’m homeschooling my children. I wanted to do ALL the activities and crafts. Unfortunately, that’s just not possible or practical. 

I learned pretty quickly that I’d have to narrow my picks down to a select few based on the values and skills I’m most interested in focusing on.

For every unit study I create, I spend countless hours narrowing down different ideas and putting my own spin on them. Some of the hands-on activities found in my unit studies will be shared on this website, while others won’t.

Either way, I thought it would make other homeschooling and pre-k teachers’ lives easier if I put together quick lists of the best activities, crafts, foods, books, etc. for each theme! Whether you’re a member of my Preschool Program, or simply found this page on Pinterest, I hope you find this helpful!

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Now, let’s take a look at 25 apple activities for preschoolers

1. Apple Boats STEM

Apple Boats STEM

2. Stacking Apples STEM Activity

3. Apple Volcano Science Experiment

Apple Volcano Experiment

4. Apple Tree Engineering

5. Wash the Apples Activity

6. Apple Oxidation Science Experiment

Apple Oxidation Experiment

7. Anatomy of an Apple

8. Apple Pie Play Dough

Apple Pie Play Dough Activity

9. Apple Scented Sensory Noodles

10. Apple Pie Moon Sand

11. Apple Scented Slime

Apple Scented Slime

12. Fluffy Apple Slime

Fluffy Apple Slime

13. Apple Pie Play Dough Printing

14. Apple Play Dough Invitation to Play

15. Apple Number Matching Game

Apple Number Matching Game

16. Free Apple Printables

Apple Prinables

17. Apple Alphabet Puzzles Freebie

Apple Alphabet Puzzle Freebie

18. Apple I-Spy Game

Apple I-Spy Game

19. Apple Find the Letter Tracing Worksheets

Apple Find the Letter Tracing Worksheets

20. A to Z Apple Book

A to Z Apple Book

21. Apple Name Building Freebie

Apple Name Building Freebie

22. Fine Motor Apple Activity (Paper Bowl & Yarn)

23. Paper Plate Apple Lacing Activity

24. Apple Picking Fine Motor & Number Recognition Activity

25. Apple Themed Fine Motor Activity with Pom-Pom Balls

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