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Build an Island STEM Activity + Worksheet

This STEM activity is perfect for kids learning about landforms or the planet Earth. Build an island with my printable worksheet and some playdough, and get ready to have fun! Perfect for preschoolers to upper elementary, this activity is sure to be a hit in your homeschool lesson plan.

Build an Island STEM Activity + Worksheet | Modern Homestead Mama

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This idea comes from Whitney at thefirstgraderoundup.com. Thank you for the idea, Whitney!

This was fun for my kids and easy to put together! I made our own printable worksheet for our Earth Science Unit, which you can purchase separately below. It adds a little extra structure to the activity, but it’s not necessary at all. You can also write the landform options on a piece of paper to help guide your child in their island creation.

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Materials for this STEM Activity for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

For this activity, you’ll need the following:

See what else we did for our Earth Science Preschool Unit HERE

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Build an Island STEM Activity with Playdough

Build an Island STEM Activity

We cut our paper plates so it was just the center, but you absolutely don’t have to. We did this because we didn’t have very much playdough to work with this day.

Build an Island STEM Activity

Build an Island STEM Activity

Have your child fill out the worksheet. Talk to them about envisioning the perfect island. What’s on their island? Give them the freedom to talk about things unrelated to the worksheet. My son, for instance, mentioned people and bushes, neither of which were on the worksheet. That’s fine! There’s no need to crush their island dreams. Simply redirect them to the landforms aspect of this activity. When all else fails in our homeschool, I keep it real with them. I tell my son why it’s important that I get to see that he gets some hands-on fun and knowledge on a particular subject, and as long as I can see that he understands, we can quickly move on to whatever he would like to incorporate into the project.

Build an Island STEM Activity

Build an Island STEM Activity

Our toddler even joined in on this activity, and even though she didn’t understand the complexities of the subject matter, she certainly had fun. There’s really nothing else I could hope for my kids.

Build an Island Worksheet

Build an Island STEM Activity

Build an Island STEM Activity


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Build an Island STEM Activity + Worksheet | Modern Homestead Mama

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