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Homeschool Lesson Plan For My 3 Kids

Check out this week’s homeschool lesson plan for my 3 kids. We practice a relaxed, easy-going, eclectic type of homeschooling, and I go to school full time. See what we do to have fun and learn together.

Homeschool Lesson Plan For My 3 Kids | Modern Homestead Mama

If you’re new here, welcome! Every week I share my family’s lesson plan. This week we’re still working on our bug unit.

I used to release a new unit every 2 weeks, but these days it’s just too much, unfortunately. I can create units quickly, but a big part of my philosophy with homeschooling is that my kids should be able to take as much time as they want to work through a topic.

And, if they don’t like something, we scrap it or come back to it later.

Bugs are in right now, so this will be our third week learning about them.

If you missed it, I no longer homeschool alone! We have a homeschool teen that watches the kids Monday through Friday, and they have way more experience with the homeschool life than I do.

It’s massively helpful. They come in and teach the kids at an age-appropriate level, and keep things really simple and engaging. I often see them looking up pictures on their phone to show the kids different bugs or animals, and letting the kids guide the lesson completely.

What more could you ask for?

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Bug Hunt Kids Activity

I was supposed to have our bug unit offically set up last week, but it never happened. We’ve just been taking things as they come, and learning whatever the kids want to learn about them.

I’m determined to finish this week though, and start off Monday with the bug workbook from the unit.

Tuesday we’ll look at the emotion flashcards I created a few years ago, since my middle child is now old enough to understand them. For my oldest, we’ll talk about what to do when we feel certain emotions, and for the baby, I’ll tell him what colors are on each flashcard.

Wednesday we’ll play video games together. I’m usually pretty burnt out on Wednesdays after so many dance classes in a row, and my oldest is obsessed with the Nintendo Switch. We both have our own now, so I want to connect and play some games with him. I’ll prep the sidewalk paint that evening so that on Thursday morning it’s ready to use.

Thursday evening I’ll freeze some ice cubes with food coloring in them so they can do their color mixing ice cubes experiment the following afternoon.

Saturday I love to get in the kitchen with them, especially my oldest. Last week he learned how to cook an egg. It was full of tears, but still really important to at least try.

We’ll tie things up with reading the Pout-Pout Fish on Sunday, and resetting together.

I’m making a little mud kitchen on a budget in the backyard this week. We already have the water table I ordered last week.

I saw a TikTok from one of my favorite people where they shared their kids “mud kitchen” that was a board with some cinder blocks, and 2 water dispensers.

She said her kids loved having the running water more than any other water table or outdoor setup.

So, I’m going to give it a try! We have a little table area already, so I’m going to order the following items:

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This week’s

Homeschool Lesson Plan

Order all the materials you need from Walmart and Amazon below:

Other materials:

What activities are you doing this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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