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Fall Leaf Suncatchers Craft

This Fall leaf suncatchers craft is easy to put together, and creates an even prettier view from your window! Using just watercolor paint and a coffee filter, your child can explore artistic expression in this easy Autumn craft.

Fall Leaf Suncatchers Craft | Modern Homestead Mama

If you haven’t already noticed, we love making suncatchers around here! Almost every unit study we do, we add in some fun new suncatchers to display in our window. It’s a win, win! The kids love making them, and I love seeing their art all over the house.

For our Autumn unit, I wanted to help my son really understand why the leaves change colors and fall off. I used this activity as an opportunity to talk about that. I’ve found that he soaks in a lot while keeping his hands busy. 

Sitting and listening to Mom ramble on about chlorophyll is not enthralling for a 4-year-old. But crafting, and physically playing with leaves is!


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Fall Leaf Suncatchers Craft for Kids

Fall Leaf Suncatchers Craft

My daughter was in a bad mood this day, and I didn’t expect her to want to partake in our craft. She surprised me by dragging a stool up to see what brother was up to! I gave her my leaf cutout and she had a blast!

Turns out, watercolor is actually great for little toddlers. She loved watching the colors change and blend as the water spread throughout the coffee filter.

Fall Leaf Suncatchers Craft

For this craft, cut coffee filters out into various leaf shapes, and provide your child with red, orange, and yellow watercolors! Perfect to discuss the colors that Fall leaves are changing to.

Fall Leaf Suncatchers Craft

Fall Leaf Suncatchers Craft

Fall Leaf Suncatchers Craft

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Fall Leaf Suncatchers Craft | Modern Homestead Mama

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