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Ocean Sensory Bin Activity for Preschoolers

This ocean sensory bin with water beads and ocean animal toys is perfect for preschoolers doing an under the sea theme, or an ocean unit study! 

Ocean Sensory Bin Activity for Preschoolers | Modern Homestead Mama

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If there’s one thing that will make my son’s day better no matter what, it’s water beads. If you haven’t heard of these magical little spheres, you’ve got to try them out!

You soak them in water for a few hours and they swell up to be fun little squishy sensory balls! They’re awesome. They are also messy, and for that reason we didn’t play with them much until my son was 3. I tried several times at 2, and they were a tad overwhelming for the both of us.

However, if you’re scared of sensory play, or you struggle with your toddler or preschooler simply dumping out the contents, check out my free guide on sensory bins. At that time I wasn’t sure how to approach sensory play with my son, but I’ve learned a ton in the last several years.

For our animal habitats unit, I knew we needed to include a water bead sensory activity, and what better habitat than the ocean? This would have been really cute with blue water beads, but I used what we had.


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Ocean Sensory Bin with Water Beads

Simply fill a sensory bin with water beads, water, and some small ocean figurines! You can provide your child with scoops, bowls, and other fun little extras!

Ocean Sensory Bin

Ocean Sensory Bin


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Ocean Sensory Bin Activity for Preschoolers | Modern Homestead Mama

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